Shasha Marley

REGION: Ghana (reggae)

Shasha Marley is a singer and lyricist from Ghana who has used his music to promote social, political and medical change throughout Africa. Upon hearing some of Shasha’s tracks, Grammy Award winner Isaac Hayes said, “This brother is pure talent, he and I are going to do great things together.”

Shasha Marley Podcast

Growing up, Shasha was inspired by such artists as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and Jimmy Cliff, as well as political icons, specifically Nelson Mandela. After the release of his first album, Tell Freedom, Shasha began to play a variety of shows that ranged from a concert at the first ever Ghanaian Miss Universe beauty pageant to a performance for all African Presidents during the last Organization of African Unity summit, organized by the leader of Libya.

When on stage, Shasha has proven to be a captivating and interesting figure. His performance uniform consists of a matching hood, cassock and sash that is accredited to the monk-like style of Franciscan Friars and has elicited the nickname “Monk on the loose”. Because of his choice to fight for the poor and needy, Shasha has found a role model in Saint Francis of Assisi that is paid homage to in the clothes he wears and the projects he assumes. One of Shasha’s most ambitious undertakings was a musical collaboration of the top 15 Ghanaian artists that was sponsored by Johns Hopkins University as a benefit album for HIV/AIDs research in Africa. It is Shasha’s hope that he can use his music to promote hope and to break the stigma of the disease within the villages of Africa that have been ripped apart and demoralized.


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