Jah Dan & Noble Society

Region: Guyana, Jamaica, USA


Noble Society is a trio broadcasting, from Brooklyn, New York, a musical hybrid of dancehall and hip hop, with a whole lot of reggae thrown in.

Noble Society Podcast

Sound-ink.com declares them “so good it hurts. It’s the New York answer to grime – U.K. style beats with U.S. MCs.”

Noble Society fills the mysterious void of credible Reggae artists in the U.S. Crowned kings of Urban Reggae, they blend cultural sounds with a feverish aesthetic of showmanship and intensity.

Classically trained deejay and lead singer Jah Dan and right hand man Delie had known each other for 10 years before they created the epic triumvirate with guitarist Diego Campo in 2000. Thanks to mutual rapper friend Afu Ra, the trio came together to produce music that makes people proud to be from Brooklyn. According to collaborator 77Klash, this new genre, aptly titled “Brooklyn music,” is the “amalgamation of reggae and hip-hop.” In addition, Noble Society braids RnB, Calypso, Jazz, Asian music, African music, and Rock n Roll into the mix in order to create a futuristic interpretation of dance hall and reggae that is untamed and uncut, and has the audacity to highlight the interconnectedness between the two musical genres.

Nialler9: “I’ve had this mixtape from Noble Society – Live from the Frontline for ages but I only got around to mentioning it in State this month. It was released in August last year but it’s so good, it’s worth a tardy mention here. Noble Society are from Brooklyn and blend the products of their various musical heritages together – hip hip, reggae, dancehall into something infused by all these genres but not limited to anything singular. Jah Dan leads proceedings on the mike as a singer, Delie is the man lyricist, Dan Fuego plays beautiful guitar backings and produces while a host of live players are involved. The mixtape format suits them as they mix up their own tunes with others from 77 Klash, Rankin Scroo and Norris Man. The whole thing is mixed by DJ Child. Three samples of tunes from the mixtape here: ‘Smile with the Sun Part II’ – a dub reggae workout with a hook, ‘Living the Life’ with Jah Dan rhyming over Turbulence’s ‘Notorious’ (Diplo is fond of this tune as are Radiohead) and ‘Salute’ a Kraftwerk-sampling 77 Klash (pronounced two seven clash) cut.

Never Leave Brooklyn: “Filling the mysterious void of credible Reggae artists in the U.S. is Brooklyn’s Noble Society. Crowned kings of Urban Reggae; Noble Society blends cultural sounds with a feverish aesthetic of showmanship and intensity. A group of classically trained musicians led by deejay Jahdan; internationally known for his work on the classics “Sound Bwoy Bureill” (Nervous) and “D&D Soundclash” (Koch) as well as his features with Branford Marsalis, DJ Premier, dead prez and Bootcamp Clik. After complementing so many Jahdan is now stepping to the forefront as Urban Reggae’s leading front man. At Jah dan’s right hand stands the towering Delie, a lyrical virtuoso who helps to balance the sizzling riddims with his unique style of playfulness and adrenaline. The groups’ founder and producer is guitar maestro Diego “Fuego” Campo. Campo’s groundbreaking beats and riddims keep Noble relevant to the ever changing trends of “Yard”, while stimulating the masses with an undeniable appeal.”

• Take Charge (unreleased)


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