Region: Iran, USA


Haale (as in halle-lujah), is a Bronx-born woman of Iranian descent whose songs are trance-inducing, rhythmically propulsive, and lyrically engaging tapestries that draw on both Persian mystical and American psychedelic musical traditions.

Haale: “Ay Dar Shekasteh”

In a review of a live concert, The New York Times wrote, “percussionists provided driving rhythms…over which Haale’s warm, supple voice unfurled like a curlicue of smoke. Her band’s amplified rumble served as a reminder of the extent to which rock bands like the Doors and the Velvet Underground turned to the East for their hypnotic efforts; here their borrowings were reclaimed with interest.”

On the breathtaking full-length debut, “No Ceiling” Haale explores themes of transformation and evolution, singing in English and Persian through a riveting soundscape of percussion, psychedelic guitars, and soaring strings. Jambase’s response to the new album raved “tough and seeking, bold and reflective, there’s absolutely nothing timid about Haale’s hybrid, which flows like hot mercury or pungent smoke, singular shapes impossible to pour into standard molds. Hard rock drones ride Middle Eastern percussion, while she glides between English and Farsi with a voice that’s part PJ Harvey, part Nina Simone – resolutely powerful but capable of great, cathartic fracture.”

Haale spent 2007 touring across the country and in Europe, at venues such as the Bonnaroo Festival, SXSW, and the Mimi Festival in France. She performed at David Byrne’s Nonesuch-sponsored series at Carnegie Hall, recorded with Sean Lennon (on ‘Before the Skies’), and shared the stage with such diverse artists as the legendary Hugh Masakela and Odetta.

• No Ceiling, 2008


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