The exclusive right to print, perform, broadcast, reproduce, manufacture, distribute, and sell a song, in whatever form, belongs to the person or company that controls the song’s copyright.  There are four primary income sources for copyright holders:

1.  Mechanical Royalties are paid per unit by the record label for the manufacture and distribution of songs on a CD, vinyl or cassette.  This is most often a statutory rate outlined in the Copyright Act, unless otherwise negotiated.

2.  Performance Royalties are collected and disbursed by Performing Rights Organizations like ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.  These royalties are based on public performances in live concert venues, clubs, restaurants, on the radio and on television.

3.  Synchronization Fees are a negotiated licensing fee for the use of a song in a film or television show.

4.  Print Income is derived from sales of sheet music.

MODIBA is most interested in unique songwriters engaged in international genres and sounds.  To join our community (and stay on our A&R radar) friend us.


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