Region: Portugal


Dazkarieh is a four-piece experimental folk rock band from Lisboa, Portugal, whose work suggests a never-ending search for acoustic sounds which merges into a powerful electric discharge through which an invigorating path is drawn in the “traditional root” of Portuguese music.

Dazkarieh Podcast

In the Jornal de Letras, Manuel Halpern attempts to pinpoint the sound of Dazkarieh when he says, “in this album, for a moment, I think I’m hearing Sonic Youth (…) with bag-pipes and adufes. Exaggerated? Maybe. Dazkarieh are one of those bands that create a positive aura that turns ethno into cool.”

After meeting at various jam music festivals in Portugal, the four members of Dazkarieh decided to settle down and create music that would bind their diverse musical consciousnesses into a single collective entity, through the experimentation of various acoustic instruments, both melodic and percussive, and ways of using vocal harmonies.

Each musician brings his or her own unique sound so that the band is virtually impossible to define, though they tend to adopt the title of “world music” in order to offer a quick answer. However, those two words cannot do Dazkarieh justice for their music provides an experimental fusion that draws upon American rock music, folk tunes from Sweden and Ireland, Arabian traditionals, and most of all the explosive roots music of Portugal.

The influence of the various backgrounds of the musicians has contributed to Dazkarieh’s recipe and provides a basis to draw elements from various ethnic and musical sources into their music, by using cello, acoustic guitar and various other stringed instruments, along with bagpipes, flutes, didgeridoo, djemb, udu drums, rainsticks, windchimes and a vast array of other percussive and wind instruments.

The group has already three records, being that the second album had a second edition in wood cover, and with a compilation of their themes inserted into the sound track of the book “Eldest” from Chistopher Paolini with up to 33.000 sold copies. Their latest work suggests us a never-ending search for acoustic sounds that merge into a powerful electric discharge and where an invigorating path is drawn in the “traditional root” Portuguese music. It is a unique sound that flourishes from the root to fly without borders or boundaries, out of the real world.

Giving more than 40 shows a year, their participation in the three most important “world music” festivals in Portugal stands out in the summer of 2006. Outside of Portugal stand out in July of the same year, the trip to Canada to partake of the “Festival d’Ete de Quebec”: one of the biggest in northern America.

• Dazkarieh, 2002
• Dazkarieh, 2004
• Incognita Alquimia, 2006


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