The Huffington Post’s Derek Beres reviews Eccodek’s latest iteration

Andrew McPherson and Deliveryboy performing Metropolis Re:Scored in Toronto.

“…there’s no way I could leave out the latest creation from Guelph, Canada’s beloved son, Andrew McPherson. I’ve had the pleasure of staying in his two-floor home/instrument warehouse, the Monastereo, which is essentially the studio to record at in the small but surprisingly important city an hour north of Toronto. He’s been making his way as a folk singer covering the occasional Bjork song, as well as winning national awards for his African-Turkish-Dub-Whatever Fits electronic and live project, Eccodek. His latest output features fellow Eccodekian Deliveryboy (I’ll let you figure out that name, if you can imagine what goes down in the agricultural pastures of Guelph), which is a re-scoring of the eternally strange Fritz Lang cult classic, Metropolis. Brazil years before Terry Gilliam could make it, Orwellian in Orwell’s time, the piece was commissioned by Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Square for their 2007 Summer Festival series. Over eight hundred people tripped out to the sonic bleeps and beats conjured by these two men accompanying the 1927 film. While the press release goes on about the stylistic influences involved in the soundtrack’s creation, it is so far left of field you’d just have to–and should–experience Metropolis Re:Scored for yourself. One listen and you’ll be throwing virgins to Moloch too.”

Full article:


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