Bajah + Dry Yai Crew head back to Salone for Christmas


Modiba bids a momentary farewell to Bajah + Dry Yai Crew as they return to Freetown, Sierra Leone on Monday to headline packed-out stadium shows and maybe even enjoy a hard-earned vacation.  Since April, Dry Yai have been recording their international debut supported by some of today’s hottest hiphop producers and MCs, with the album’s production being headed by Fyre Dept — the dynamic production duo of Eric Krasno (of Soulive) and Adam Deitch (of Wyclef Jean and John Scofield), who have produced tracks for 50 Cent, Redman and Talib Kweli among others.

Since starting production with Fyre Dept, the boys have had the privilege of welcoming a host of guest MCs and producers to the studio, including Idle Warship (Talib Kweli + Res + Graph Nobel), Questlove, Wale, Rashad Smith (The Notorious B.I.G, Erykah Badu), James Poyser (Mariah Carey, Common), the Antibalas horns, Abena Koomson (of the theater production ‘Fela’), and even best selling author Ishmael Beah.

The Crew will return in February to put finishing touches on the album and prepare for launch in 2009.  Best of luck in Salone, guys!  See you in February!


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