Yas: Iran’s # 1 Hip Hop artist comes to America

YAS is often referred to as the “Persian Tupac” known for his socially conscious lyrics. He is the first and only rapper in Iran whose music has been granted permission to be released by the government. Downloaded and heard by millions of people worldwide, YAS has also been featured and interviewed on CNN, BBC, National Geographic Magazine (cover story on Iran) and numerous other media outlets. As he raps about his own life and the problems facing his generation, he is unique in that not only has he hit a nerve with the youth of Iran but he has been able to prove that Hip Hop can play a positive role in society.

Get to know another side of Iran, rarely seen and heard outside of the country. 70% of Iran’s population (70 million) is under the age of 30 and Hip Hop is the fastest growing trend not only in Iran but the greater Middle East. YAS is the voice of his generation.

He is in the US now extending his hand through his music to promote better relations between our two cultures.

“Why not use Hip Hop as a way to learn more about each other”? –YAS



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