New NOBLE SOCIETY Press Release

Crowned kings of urban reggae NOBLE SOCIETY, bring their mash-up of ‘hiphop meets dancehall’ with the release of a new album, Take Charge.

Noble Society harkens back to a time when the term ‘hip hop meets dancehall’ meant more than slapping Sean Paul on a remix.” ––The Village Voice

Brooklyn, NY (September 15, 2008) – With their genre-bending electronic-tinged single “She told me” currently rocking international airwaves (BBC Radio, WKCR), Noble Society is a band ready to brand themselves as the evolution of dancehall. Noble’s futuristic reggae sound, with a world-view, incorporates both their quintessential reggae roots and their need to represent Brooklyn’s vibrant cultural milieu.

Comprised of musicians who have worked with a “who’s who” of music (Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Branford Marsalis, John Kale, Luciano), Noble Society was born out of a desire to blend the sounds of dancehall with hip hop and world music – call it urban reggae. Taking note from the grime scene currently brewing in London, the Noble Society sound is worldwide  energy, says founder, and guitar virtuoso, Diego “Fuego” Campo.

To catch a Noble Society show is to be transported to a place teeming with pure adrenaline.” TRACE Magazine

Creating a sound that is both world and urban, with a vibrant live show to match, Noble members Fuego, Delie and Jahdan craft a sound that is conscious and beat-driven. With the release of their second full-length album, Take Charge, Noble is one of the most promising brooklyn bands on the rise. Their sweet melodies and solid beats take listeners on a journey to a place where great music and greater understanding take charge.

Deeply satisfying reggae/ hip hop fusion from Brooklyn…Always precise and swinging.”––Tokion Magazine

The dancehall and flamenco-tinged “Gypsy Rock” takes from both the current wave of reggaeton and blends it with the acoustic sounds of old-world Spain, tablas from India and classical strings. “Dancehall is really world music,” says Fuego, “if you really listen you’ll realize that it takes from so many cultures.”

The ethereal “Mama So Divine,” composed after a trip to Africa by frontman Jahdan, infuses an acoustic sound in the vain of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” Taking elements from his time spent with musicians from Mali, “Mama So Divine” is also influenced by sounds of the kora. Jahdan sings,

“Africa, awo. Africa…Her beauty it shall never fade away. I hope and pray to see her blessed face…”

Noble’s society includes collaborations with music’s genre-benders including, 77KLASH, Lutan Fyah, Digital Ancient and drummer/producer Adam Deitch. The band has also opened for Sizzla, Soulive, Yami Bolo, Fatman Scoop, Midnite and many more.Members of Noble Society:

Founder and producer Diego “Fuego” Campo was born in Spain and is a master at the Spanish guitar. He has produced work for reggae artists, including Midnite, Lutan Fyah, Yami Bolo, Natty King, Norrisman, Khari Kill, Marlon Asher, Abijah and worked with hip hop artists, including David Banner.

Frontman Jahdan brings fire to the stage with his brand of soulful voice and raging lyrics. Jahdan has recorded and performed with the likes of Branford Marsalis’s BuckshotLeFonque, Smif & Wesson, Dead Prez, Matisyahu, and BrazilianGirls.

Drummer Deantoni Parks is a virtuoso who began playing drums at the age of five and is currently creating buzz as one of the most-sought after drummers of today. Deantoni has played and produced for with Moby, Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Mars Volta and Vernon Reid. He is also a producer and drummer for the group, Kudu.

Keyboardist Nick Fantastic has produced rhythms for Capleton, Luciano, IWayne, Boscom X, Jr Kelly, and Richie Spice. The “Hard Times Rhythm” he produced radically changed dancehall toward a more rootsy direction when it dropped in 2004. Nicks recent collaborations with HOT 97’s Bobby Konders include a powerful track with reggae newcomer Collie Buddz called “Let Me Know”.

Lyricist and producer 77KLASH (Two Seven Klash) is a walking mashup. A Jamaican punk rock, rapper, Klash’s walk, talk, attitude and his music, are all a reflection of his background. As a lyricist, his recent cult hit, “Brooklyn Anthem”, was featured on Madden ’08 and reviewed favorably in many respected magazines as the “U.S.’s answer to U.K. Grime”.

Contact: Diego Campo
(917) 370-27490
noblesociety at gmail dot com


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